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Architecture and Design Club

The Architecture & Design club dates from 1999 when the University ran a series of seminars, during Glasgow’s year as City of Architecture and Design.  Now in our eighteenth session, we are pleased to bring you a diverse and interesting programme of talks and visits for this coming year.

The Club membership fee is £12 per annum, and everyone must also be a member of the 3Ls Students’ Association.

The Club normally meets on a Thursday at 2.00pm at 40 George Street, unless otherwise stated.


Architecture and Design Membership Form

Architecture & Design Programme 2017-2018


Contact Details:

Diane Henderson (Secretary)

Email:  diane_henderson@hotmail.co.uk


Spring Outing

Visit to Mount Stuart House, Isle of Bute

Thursday 18th May, 2017

If you would like to attend please complete the following form:

Architecture & Design Spring Outing 2017 – Booking Form


The Queensferry Crossing

10th November, 2016

The Architecture & Design Club has a wide range of interests, from domestic to the largest scale, and we were definitely at the industrial end of that spectrum for our first talk of the 2016/17 session when we welcomed Sarah Breen, a senior engineer with the Forth Replacement Crossing team, to tell us about the new bridge being erected across the Firth of Forth.

And what a talk! Within the space of an hour Sarah managed to cover every aspect of the new crossing, from the rusting support cables on the old road bridge, the remedial work undertaken, and how that had extended its lifespan; how the old bridge now could also be adapted for new transport systems such as trams; how those developments had substantially changed the design parameters of the new bridge, with consequent savings in construction and materials; through the challenges faced in planning, site clearance and construction; right up to the current phase and an explanation of the principles of balanced cantilever construction (basically, never have more sections of deck on one side of a supporting tower than the other). The talk illustrated throughout (sometimes in all too graphic, vertiginous, detail!) by photos and film clips.

For the listeners it was certainly a most interesting – and thought-provoking – insight into the myriad complexities which a major construction such as the Queensferry Crossing entails. A veritable tour de force and an outstanding start to the Club’s 2016/17 lecture programme.


Queensferry Crossing February


Queensferry Crossing July