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Creative Writing

Fresh from an inspiring series of Creative Writing classes a dozen of us wanted to continue to meet and encourage each other in writing our stories, poems, scripts and even novels.  Within just a few weeks it became clear that real life commitments can quickly change and sadly we found ourselves dwindling in number.

Clearly ‘new blood’ would be needed to keep our writing group from disappearing.  So vaulting all obstacles we formed an official 3L’s Creative Writing Club and look forward to a long and productive existence.

The end?  No, but perhaps the end of the beginning!

The Club membership fee is £10 per annum, and everyone must also be a member of the 3Ls Students’ Association.

Eileen Kidd, Creative Writing Club Secretary


Meet the Author Event – Tuesday 12th March, 2019















Meet the Author Event – Tuesday 12th March, 2019

3Ls members and friends are invited to meet the award-winning author Anne Donovan at the Insight Institute on Tuesday 12th March, 2019.  Booking required.

Flyer & Booking Form – Creative Writing Author Event