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Creative Writing

Our members are continuing through emails for the duration of this worrying time. We now exchange our work on a weekly basis and have introduced a new Flash Fiction element. Inspired by a one word prompt, we each write a story of around 200 words and then vote for the one that appeals the most.



Congratulations to Eileen Kidd!  Winner of the ‘Honesty’ flash fiction.



            ‘What?’ he asked. I looked at him and smiled. ‘Nothing.’
He shook his head. ‘You’ve always been poor at lying. Come on. Tell me.’
I held up my hands in a display of innocence. ‘Okay. What exactly do you want to know?’
‘How was it for you?’
‘Yes. Really. I have to know.’ With his head tilted to this questioning angle, and his hazel-eyes showing such a soulful gaze, he melted my heart.
‘It was wonderful.’

‘Is that the truth?’
‘Of course it’s the truth. Truth between people is important, and, as you well know, I am …’ ‘… the personification of honesty.’ He finishes my sentence.
‘Correct.’ I said, taking his hand in mine.

‘Same time tomorrow?’ he asked, eyes wide with anticipation.
‘Same time. Same method, if you have the stamina.’
A smile spread upwards from his lips, causing tiny, gorgeous, creases to appear at the sides of his eyes.

‘I’ll bring the parent’s slip after I take away this tray and wash the dishes.’
‘Bring a pen too. You have certainly earned your Cub catering badge. Tea, toast and scrambled eggs. Wonderful.’

‘Thanks, mum.’