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French Club

The French Club is the oldest of the 3Ls language clubs and offers a sociable programme of meetings which give our members a chance to practice their language skills.

We look forward to welcoming members to meetings once the Graham Hills building is available for room bookings but in the meantime, we will share ideas for French Language practice via regular updates for Club members.

Club memberships for 2019/20 will be extended to cover the 2020/21 session and this also covers corporate membership at the Alliance Française, including its Médiathèque which members can enjoy when this is reopened to the public.


Membres du Comité  2020-2021

President: John Parkhill

Vice President/ Secretary*: Diane Campbell

Treasurer: Colin Browning

Committee Member: Mary Crearie

Committee Member: Moira Kerr

Committee Member: Anne Stevenson

Committee Member: Margaret Todd

*Contact Details:  dc3lsecretary@btinternet.com