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German Club


Time for indoor meetings: 12.15pm-2.15pm except February, March and April, 2018, 12.30pm-2.30pm

Venue: Room 748 except for February, March and April, 2018, in room GH554 Graham Hills Building, 40 George Street


Talks will usually be given in German but there will be regular reprises in English, so we hope people of all levels of fluency are encouraged to come along.

Membership of the 3Ls Association is a requirement at a cost of £10 per annum and then you are welcome to join the German Club itself for which the subscription is £10 per annum.


President: Daniel O’Sullivan

Email:  dosullivan@dinger.demon.co.uk

Tel:  01360 319630


German Club Programme 2017 – 2018



December 2016



December 2016