3Ls Website

Information and Guidelines for 3Ls Members and Clubs: Appendix 3

The University of Strathclyde Web Site Centre for Lifelong Learning

This has one page showing information about the 3Ls Students’ Association with a link to the 3Ls website

The 3Ls Web Site 3ls.website

This website shows club information along with  news, social events, Council of Clubs minutes etc.

The 3Ls website is administered independently by the 3Ls Management Council and the 3Ls Administrative Assistant. No other member has access to make any changes. It is not part of the University Site.

Suggested Guidelines for Clubs

  1.  Each Club will have one section on the 3Ls website. Information on this is not limited and some photos are welcome.
  2. At the start of each year, clubs should send a copy of their programme to the 3Ls Administrative Assistant.
    • Changes can be made during the year if submitted to the 3Ls Administrative Assistant e.g. if a programme changes.
  3. Clubs should ensure that all website information is current and information about previous programmes can be stored in an Archive section for the interest of anyone browsing the website.