Centre for Lifelong Learning Teaching Accommodation

Information and Guidelines for 3Ls Members and Clubs: Appendix 1

Maximum Room Occupancy

Floor Room No/Description Maximum Number
Level 2 Common Room 30
Library 15
GH227 29
GH230 12***
GH231 20
GH232 21
Level 3 GH322 24*
GH327 24
GH330 30
Level 7 GH753 31
GH752 24
GH750 12
GH749 12
GH748 24
GH744 (art studio) 20*
GH742 (conference room) 46**
GH740 21

The above are recommended practical maximums for comfort and safety and should not be exceeded without prior consent from the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

*          16 is the limit in GH322/GH744 if members are using easels for art purposes.

**        46 is the limit if seated at the available tables.  Extra seating is available in the room.

***      GH230 technically has seating for 18 but would leave little room for movement. 12 is the number recommended as a comfortable capacity.