Membership and Purpose of the Council of Clubs


The Council of Clubs (CofC) meets four times a year to discuss matters of interest and concern to clubs.

Currently there are 16 clubs:

The members of the Council of Clubs are the presidents and secretaries of clubs.  If neither of them is available to attend a meeting, a delegate may be sent to represent the club.  It is preferable that the delegate is a member of the committee of the club.

The Convenor of the CofC, having been elected by the members of the CofC and approved by the Management Council, will be a member of the Management Council and serve in that position for three years.

The Convenor, being a member of the Management Council, will be a link between the CofC and the Management Council and should communicate to the CofC what has been reported and discussed there.  Club information and concerns should in turn be communicated to the Management Council through the Convenor.

The Convenor will call meetings of the Council of Clubs and draw up an agenda for discussion. Copies of the Minutes of CofC meetings will be posted on the 3Ls website.

The Convenor is also responsible for ensuring that notices and information on the notice boards and on the 3Ls website is kept up to date, especially those concerning future meetings of the CofC and the posting of CofC minutes.

The Convenor will be responsible for keeping an accurate record of Office Bearers of clubs and any changes in personnel should be notified to the Convenor and the 3Ls office.

The Convenor should hold a copy of the constitution of each club to be kept in the 3Ls office.

A copy of the minutes of each club’s AGM should be sent to the Convenor each year.

The Convenor should be familiar with the programme and activities of each club and will request to visit club meetings.

The Convenor will give a report on the activities of clubs at the AGM of the 3Ls Association each year.